Destiny to Get New Matchmaking on Wednesday During the Iron Banner

By   /   Jan 26, 2016
Destiny: The Collection

Online games are continually updated to try to improve stability and balancing. Sometimes this can go wrong, as has been found in Destiny with its matchmaking issue.

In their latest weekly update, Bungie have revealed their plans for testing the Crucible matchmaking and looking for ways to improve it:

“Our designers and engineers are always exploring measures that can be taken to improve the Player-versus-Player combat experience for everyone. Their goal has always been to cultivate an arena in which every Guardian can find quality matches against worthy opponents with good connections.”

They revealed that when The Taken King shipped a new system had been put in place that evaluated Guardians as combatants. On top of this, during the months after the release adjustments were made to find a balance between skill and connectivity. Based on the negative feedback that this system has achieved, things are going to change.

Today with the beginning of the Iron Banner at 10AM PST the existing system will be in place. Starting January 27, the new matchmaking will then be in place:

“The 24-hour gap will provide us with two sets of data to compare and scrutinize – all part of the plan. If you play Iron Banner after the deployment, we’ll want to know what you have to say. Sound off in the #Feedback forum about your results. Post a link to a completed game and tell us all about your experience.”

Based on the feedback from this testing, Bungie will then look to improve the quality of matchmaking system and make it better for everybody. Hopefully while testing is taking place it won’t degrade the system for anybody trying to play the game.

Have the matchmaking issues caused you any problems while playing Destiny? Let us know your thoughts below.

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