Next Destiny Update Adds Privacy Options to Secure Your ID

By   /   Jan 25, 2016
Rise of Iron

Advisors, or third-party app developers, working around Destiny are getting an extra helping hand from Bungie in the next Destiny update, but alongside the new options being given to them, the developers are also working to secure the players by adding new privacy options.

Bungie has announced that the next platform update they release will bring forth the new privacy settings usable by the Guardians to ensure that their stats, inventory and advisor data can be kep hidden from random internet users and anonymous interested parties.

The official forums of the game got a post from Bungie where they have outlined the changes you should experience in the new build of

In order to expose Advisors publicly, we wanted to also allow people to hide themselves from that exposure if they so desire. In doing so, we’ve built Destiny privacy settings into your account. Once we deploy this build, users will be able to go to their Settings -> Privacy page and toggle whether they want their non-equipped Inventory (private by default), historical stats (public by default), and advisor data (public by default) to be visible by other users or anonymously.

Needless to say, this Destiny update is not going to be the end of it; more features will be added down the line as well.

Once the changes take place, you can expect to see an “InsufficientPrivileges” error or see the unauthorised data being purged silently when you stumble upon it.

Do you think such privacy changes are going to help straighten out the security issues?

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