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Destiny Suffers a Glitch Around the Nightstalker’s Shadestep

By   /   Jan 25, 2016

Destiny has been having its issues as of late, including problems around one of the weekly Nightfall Strikes. A new video shows a glitch that may be another problem that Bungie will have to add to their list.

Youtuber Giggle Monster has shown the gameplay video which first shows how to create the glitch, then provides evidence of what it looks like for other plays. The problem is around the shadestep where the player should do the move, then have a cool down period before being able to fire. The problem is that if the user does the shadestep, then pulls out their ghost, jumps and then fires the cooldown period is ignored.

What this looks like for other players is that the Guardian doing the shadestep and appears to shoot midroll. Obviously this is a problem with the game and Bungie will have to fix it. While the maker of the video calls it a game breaking glitch, I’m not sure it breaks the game but may give the player an added edge that they shouldn’t have.

Giggle Monster as he calls himself on YouTube says that he created the video so that Bungie can fix it, which is actually an admirable move. The quicker the developers are shown problems like this, then they can actually deal with it.

Destiny seems to be having quite a dramatic time at the moment, especially revolving around the lack of content. With news that some ammo packs may be selling for real money soon, this obviously annoyed some fans of the game. Thankfully this appears to not be the case, so that is one thing that the Guardians won’t have to worry about anytime soon.

What are your thoughts on glitches like the shadestep one in the video? Let us know in the comment section below.

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