CliffyB Comments on Gears of War 4 Story; is Rooting for Coalition

By   /   Jan 25, 2016
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Anyone who has played previous iterations would know Cliff Bleszinski, the American video game designer credited for being the creator of the series. However, he isn’t working on Gears of War 4 which is being developed for The Coalition.

IF that gave you concerns as to what the original developer of the series thinks about the upcoming title, we have pretty good news for you.

First off, it looks like CliffyB is actually in touch with the guys making GOW4, or at least with the guys writing it. He took to his official Twitter profile to reassure fans that the work being done on the game was definitely going to be pleasing for all of us. He had apparently talked to one of the writers about it.

As if that left any doubts as to how confident he is about Gears of War 4, Bleszinski reiterated that he was rooting for Rod Fergusson, the studio head at The Coalition.

One would say what else he is supposed to do even if he doesn’t like how GOW4 looks now; but in all honesty, I know Bleszinski to be an outspoken critic of anything and everything that he doesn’t like the face of. If he had a negative feeling about this one he would have said it.

The fact that developers are releasing the game sooner than expected also encourages the community of the same.

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