The Division Direct Feed Screens, Post-Embargo Details Surface

By   /   Jan 23, 2016
The Division rewards badges and actions

Tom Clancy’s The Division endgame, replayability elements and skill tree elements were detailed by Ubisoft Massive recently. But now we are done with the review embargo and a lot more stuff is rolling in. There are a bunch of new details regarding the game that have come out of the first impressions as well as some direct feed 1080p screenshots oof the game.

Details first.

A number of small tidbits have been revealed for the game now that the review embargo has been lifted. One interesting feature is that The Division supports LED keyboards, for example a key assigned to a specific action starts flashing when you need it (medkit for instance) or a key starts flashing when your teammates need you.

Moving on, the game has multiple monitors support meaning you can take all the user interface on one side and clean up the screen on the other side for better playability. Not only that you can resize and reposition every HUD element rendering the UI completely customizable.

More on the UI and the menu: you can equip gear by dragging and dropping pieces from your inventory onto the character model because the mouse and the menus work perfectly together.

The game also boasts seamless switch between peripherals like controllers, mouse and keyboard however, there is no mouse acceleration/smoothing. There is also text chat and proximity voice chat in The Division.

One good aspect on the graphics side is that the game is supported by SLI and HBAO+ from the get-go i.e. the highest quality of horizon based Ambient Occlusion.

Last but not the least, the game has unlocked frame rates and the PC version also has an exclusive Parkour Mode allowing continuous leaps over barriers with the push of a button – and more.

As far as the screenshots are concerned, check out the gallery below or these leaked alpha footages.

Game’s out March 8.

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