Sony Files Patent for Analog Sticks, New PS Vita Hardware Revision?

By   /   Jan 23, 2016
production of ps vita

We know that Sony has had a good run with PS Vita but does that warrant a new hardware revision? Well, we are about to find out. Sony has registered a new patent for clickable analog sticks that are reminiscent of the good old days.

The patent was filed this month by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia and got listed online on January 18. This suggests that the plans of introducing the said pushable analog sticks are relatively new.

That being said, the reason why this is being related to the PS Vita or a hardware revision thereof, is that Sony has used diagrams of their handheld to explain the functionality that will be added by the sticks.

However, for some reason Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia has used the Vita version 1000 in the diagrams (as you can see in the gallery below) although the latest would have been more suitable.

The issue that is causing a confusion here is that adding an entire clickable analog stick – which might change up a lot about the handheld’s methods of input – sounds a little larger than just a hardware revision of the PS Vita.

Also, Sony has been cutting down on at least some of the support being provided to the platform; recently they branded it alongside PS3 and it was announced that Facebook link support for both the platforms was being removed.

That is a nominal feature, but companies usually retreat to removals of small services like that only after they have decided that the life of the said product is coming full circle.

We will be looking into the new patent and letting you know how (and if) it really fits in the PS Vita world – check back later for that but do tell us what you make of this.

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