League of Legends Starter Pack Available for Free [NA Only]

By   /   Jan 23, 2016
League of Legends Starter Pack

While Riot Games already boasts of an amazing 67 million strong user base, the number of people playing LoL keeps growing and at any given point there has to be someone who is trying the MOBA for the first time. If you are one of those, the League of Legends Starter Pack is just the thing for you.

That is truer right now because Amazon is letting you get your hands on it for free – albeit for a limited time only.

This has something to offer not only to the new LoL players but also current players in the form of freebies. To start off, the League of Legends Starter Pack gets you a total of eight champions namely Ashe, Garen, Ryze, Annie, Warwick, Nunu, Master Yi, and Sivir.

Other than that, you get a 10-win XP boost as well as a 4-win IP boost to get you in the spot to start your journey – you can build up on that as you play.

So how much of a benefit are you getting from the bundle being free? Well, it would usually cost you 530 RP (in the form of a bundle) and if you were to purchase those champions separately it would cost 3600 RP – so for a newcomer it is a good deal.

However, the Starter Pack is not available for all the territories. At least the listing we have found on Amazon is available only for the North American servers of the game.

You have until 11:59 PM on February 4, 2016 to get your hands on this.

In parallel news, Riot Games have outlined the changes you are going to experience in the 2016 Ranked Season, especially the Dynamic Ranked Queues and the expected rewards. They have also released a small PBE update the details of which you can read up here.

Do tell us if you are looking to get the League of Legends Starter Pack, though.

Source: Amazon.

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