Star Wars Battlefront Next Update Could Bring Private Matches, Offline Play Not Arriving Anytime Soon

By   /   Jan 22, 2016

DICE and EA are looking to bring a lot of new features to Star Wars Battlefront.

Yesterday, a video released by EA Brazil was showcased changes in the upcoming update as well as a free DLC that would include a new Tatooine map and additional costumes for Luke Skywalker and Leia. Unfortunately, the video has been taken down.

However, before that, a few Portuguese speaking Reddit users elaborated what the content was about. According to them, in addition to the new Tatooine map, it seems like the January update could also be bringing Daily Challenges and Private Matches.

The latter will be a very welcomed feature by most players, as it allows groups of users to organize custom matches and tournaments, as well as practice whenever required.

This is merely one of the two heavily demanded features though. The other is offline matches (with bots). The feature was indicated to be a work-in-progress. Unfortunately, it seemed to have met a few bumps on the development road, as we reported earlier this month.

DICE’s Lead Designer Dennis Brannvall admitted as much, in a series of Twitter responses in which he talked about how complications arising from adding the feature require investigation, meaning they will not be added any time soon.

There is still no word on future paid DLC packs for Star Wars Battlefront at the moment though. We’re hoping that DICE and EA work together to release some soon, as well as implement the offline feature as quickly as possible.

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