Quantum Break Story Borrows From Alan Wake Leftovers

By   /   Jan 22, 2016
Quantum Break

While that title might sound a little crude, but Remedy Entertainment has not shied away from revealing that some of the Quantum Break story borrows substantially from their critically acclaimed title Alan Wake.

Sam Lake, the creative director for the time-bending third person shooter, says that some ideas for Alan Wake that were not used in the game were taken up to be incorporated in the story of QB.

Part of the idea does come from an old draft of Alan Wake, a version of the story that was more fragmented, more a series of different stories he had written. One of them featured a particle accelerator, a science theme, quantum physics, many-worlds interpretation.

It doesn’t end there, the draft he is talking about was not fated to be a part of the game as a whole but we saw the concept being used in Night Springs. Since the idea was pretty cool, they dug deeper to get to where we are now:

That draft of the story never made it any further than that, but the concept later turned into an episode of Night Springs that appears in the game. At some point that made me think of a game concept with similar themes, and that turned into an elevator pitch that led, after many twists and turns and iterations, into Quantum Break.

Another thing that the game’s developers have assured us is that you should not expect a linear and/ or predictable story in the Xbox One exclusive title. There are bound to be a number of twists and turns that you will not be expecting.

Quantum Break has been in development for quite a long time (and for agreeable reasons) but it finally hits the racks on April 5.

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