PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Memory Restrictions Not Optimum for Developers

By   /   Jan 22, 2016

One of the problems with consoles are their restrictions on the hardware that they use. With the current generation consoles using 8GB of RAM can this be a limit that will last the whole of this generation?

This was a question put to Joel Bylos creative director of The Park who is working on porting the game to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. His view is that the 8GB restriction is not optimum for developers:

“Hmmm, that’s a difficult question. It will last because it has to. Is it an optimal situation to put developers in? Absolutely not.

And VR is coming – that’s going to come with hefty requirements. Who knows what will happen in the end? There are rumors that the PS4 VR has a separate box with unknown hardware inside. Maybe they’ve added a little extra hardware to help with the requirements.”

The current situation with consoles is that the Xbox One has 8GB DDR 3 RAM, with 5GB of that reserved for games. The PlayStation 4 has 8GB GDDR Ram. With games getting more complex and memory hungry, this is something that is likely to hold the consoles back. This will especially be the case when Virtual Reality finally becomes popular for games.

The problem here of course is how will the consoles be able to upgrade memory if needed? The easiest answer is of course to bring out a new version and for gamers to simply buy that. This may end up being an unpopular option of course, and how will this affect those owners who decide not to make the upgrade.

What are your thoughts on the 8GB limit for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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