League of Legends 21/1 PBE Update Adds New Summoner Icons and Jhin Voiceovers

By   /   Jan 22, 2016
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Riot Games has rolled out a minor patch to League of Legends Public Beta Environment in order to round out the 6.2 cycle.

The said League of Legends PBE update features a couple of new Summoner Icons and a few non-English voiceovers for the recently revealed champion, Jhin.

First off, the PBE update adds 7 new eSports teams’ icons which include Cougar eSports, Hong Kong eSports, eXtreme Gamers eSports Club, ROX Tigers, e-mFire, Afreeca Freecs, Longzhu Gaming as well as 3 Summoner Icons for EU LCS teams.

Moreover, a few more non-English voiceovers for the newly revealed champion Jhin have also been added which includes Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin American Spanish, Romanian, Russian, and Spanish.

Lastly, do note that these not official patch notes. The changes you are reading here may or may not make it to public servers.

In related League of Legends news, Riot Games has detailed 2016 Ranked Season along with some matchmaking updates which includes:

  • Premade 4’s are now matching with other Premade 4’s in 98% of their matches, while Premade 5’s are matching with other Premade 5s in 96% of their matches. These numbers are up from the mid-80’s at launch.
  • We’re seeing queue times for high-skill and pro players drop dramatically and are working on further improvements.
  • Most players should now be seeing more competitive (where competitive means each team is equally likely to win) matches compared to the Solo/Duo Ranked queue from last season.

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Source: SurrenderAt20.

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