Final Fantasy XV Magic Details Revealed, Fire Behaves ‘Realistically’

By   /   Jan 22, 2016
Final Fantasy 15 delay

A new scan from Jump magazine reveals details of how certain types of magic will work in Final Fantasy XV.

Magic is an essential part of all Final Fantasy games (and almost all fantasy RPGs), and Final Fantasy XV is no exception. The news, initially reported by NovaCrystallis, describes how Fire magic will behave.

Thanks to an advanced engine, Fire will now react realistically with the environment, depending on where you are playing and against what time of enemy.

This means spreading fire grassy areas whenever you cast a fire spell. The flammable dry grass area will spread the fire, which can affect both enemies as well as you including Noctis and the party.

In addition to this, other new details were also revealed about the combat abilities of Noctis. Noctis can mount on top of enemies to reduce their attack power, and can also leap in the air to perform his own attacks. Noctis also has stealth attacks as well.

From what we’ve seen so far, combat in Final Fantasy XV is a lot faster than the ones in previous titles. As shown before, Noctis also has the ability to teleport and carry out tag-team attacks with his party members.

We also know that Final Fantasy XV will have stealth elements in the game, giving players multiple methods to infiltrate and initiate combat.

Final Fantasy XV will get a confirmed release date in March. The game is generally expected to be released sometime later this year for Xbox One and PS4.

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