Elite Dangerous Developers Focusing on SteamVR Support

By   /   Jan 22, 2016
Elite Dangerous Update

The battle for dominance of Virtual Reality is heating up, and the deciding factor appears to be not only cost, but the games as well. That is why the announcement that Elite Dangerous developers will be focusing on Steam VR is big news.

This announcement was reported by Eurogamer:

“We’ve supported VR for a few years now, and Elite Dangerous is arguably the world’s leading VR-ready game. We want to give players the best possible VR experience however they play – it’s something we talked about with Digital Foundry recently – and that means focusing our efforts. Right now, we’ve chosen to focus on SteamVR. We haven’t cut an exclusivity deal with any VR manufacturer, and we’re still working with Oculus on Rift support.”

This may have come as a surprise to those who know that the game was compatible with development versions of the Oculus Rift.  It appears that this statement has caused some concern, with Frontier Community chief Zac Antonaci clarifying a few points:

“In case people are alarmed by the headline or confused on the details, we thought it best to reiterate what we’ve been saying since the release of the Oculus 0.6 SDK. As quoted in the story, we are actively working with Oculus and will keep the community updated as soon as we are able to do so.

We are keen to support VR in all its forms and we are proud to be leading the way in VR gaming.”

So there you have it, while there is a focus on SteamVR to get the game working with it, owners of the Oculus Rift shouldn’t have much to worry about. The work with Valve is more about getting a stable version with the SteamVR development kit.

Are you looking forward to playing Elite Dangerous using one of these VR headsets? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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