DriveClub February Update to Add Hardcore Handling Mode

By   /   Jan 22, 2016

Players of DriveClub will know that the game is continually updated to improve the gaming experience. In past months this has also included the ability to make the game easier for those who want less of a challenge.

Today though Game Director Paul Rustchynsky has revealed in February, Hardcore will be coming to the game to add a challenge for those who want something a little harder:

Looking at the comments from the community, that is a popular change. Players were quick to ask for some clarification on what it will mean for the global tables that collect the best times:

He also revealed how the mode will work, revealing it will be a simple on/off option called “Hardcore Handling”:

It is interesting that he also revealed that there would be no Hardcore Leaderboards. When asked about this he revealed this was due to time and resources. With the Hardcore Handling ready, the decision was to release it without having to hold the update back to add things such as leaderboards.

If there is enough of a call for it, maybe leaderboards for the Hardcore mode will be made available? We’ll have to see what impact this mode has on the game.

What are your thoughts on the new Hardcore mode for DriveClub? Let us know your thoughts on the February update below.

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