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The Division Skill Tree Details Revealed

By   /   Jan 21, 2016

One thing that has become apparent about The Division is that it has strong RPG elements to the game. To further emphasise this, today we get to have a look at the skill trees for your Agent.

Unlike the gameplay footage we showed earlier, the video above is more a descriptive look at how the skill trees in the game will affect how you play. Another video by Arekkz Gaming, while he does go into a lot of detail he can’t reveal everything just yet, as embargoes appear to be still in place to save some of the good stuff for later.

As you can see in the video the Agent Abilities are split into three different forms. These forms are Skills, Talents & Perks. As the player unlocks these they will upgrade certain abilities within the game and help you to create your unique character for the game.

Upgrades to the character come in forms of Medical, Tech, and Security. Only two of these skills can be active at one time though they can be swapped on the fly. It isn’t advisable to do this in battle though, as the game will obviously not wait for you to change your options. One perk that interested me was the ability to boost your character experience up quicker (by 10%) which will aid in levelling up and growing stronger.

For fans of roleplaying games all these perks and abilities will be exactly what they want to see. For those looking for more of a shooting game, hopefully all these numbers and stats won’t get in the way.

Are you looking forward to The Division? Let us know your thoughts on the game and its skill trees in the comments section below.

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