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The Division Gameplay Footage Shows Plenty of In-Game Action

By   /   Jan 21, 2016

We seem to have plenty of content for The Division available right now, and have a good idea how the game works. This includes how the open world works and how we interact with it.

In a new video you can watch above, we have fifteen minutes of gameplay footage that gives us an idea of how the game will look on the Xbox One, and what kind of battles we can expect. Created by TheDevilDogGamer be aware that the video is sponsored by Ubisoft and will obviously show the better side of the game. Saying that, also be aware that this is still a work in progress version of the game.

What is impressive is the feeling of scale when it comes to the battles. In the video we see the team of Agents going on a mission that takes them to the Lexington Events Centre. What we see is the sheer number of enemies that appear in the battle and how well the game engine appears to handle them.

When watching the video, I did notice that the players had some impressive weaponry that they commented on a lot. Whether we’ll get this sort of weaponry when we first enter the Dark Zone is debatable, so it is fair to say that these players were going into battle with an added advantage against their opponents.

This may be the reason that some of the enemies appeared to be going down quicker than in some previous videos I’ve watched. With this in mind though, it highlights the fact that if you have better weapons when going into combat, you’ll have a good advantage against the enemies. Maybe they won’t look like they just soak up bullet damage, which they appear to do a lot in previous footage.

Does this new gameplay footage make you want to get your hands on The Division? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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