PS4 has Sold 2.8 Million Units in Germany As Compared to 600,000 Xbox One Units

By   /   Jan 21, 2016
PS4 sales

According to a recent report, Sony’s PS4 has sold 2.8 million units in Europe’s second-largest video-game market, Germany.

With an extra year in the market, Nintendo’s Wii U has sold 690,000 units while Microsoft’s Xbox One has only sold 600,000 units. For the sake of comparison, for every Xbox One, 4.5 units of PS4 have been sold in Germany.

The report further reads that during the holiday 2015 season, 570,000 PS4 units were sold in November and December as compared to 110,000 Xbox One units which brings the ratio of 5 PS4 to only one Xbox One.

This is not all! Playstation 4 is also on its way to beating PS3 sales which were recorded to be 4.2 million units back in August 2014.

Coming to software sales, Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V only managed to sell 780,000 copies; FIFA 15 managed 450,000 copies in 2015, while EA Sports’ FIFA 16 managed to sell massive 1.2 million copies.

With some of the highly anticipated Sony exclusives scheduled to release in 2016, I would not be surprised if Sony continues to widen the gap, but then again, Xbox One exclusives might also give it some healthy advantage.

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Via: GameReactor.

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