Mortal Kombat X DLCs Will Not Make it to PC; Fans React Angrily Towards Warner Bros.

By   /   Jan 21, 2016
Mortal Kombat X

Warner Bros. has been heavily accused of abandoning the PC users of Mortal Kombat X after the publisher announced that it would not be bringing essential DLCs to the PC version of the game.

The firm only recently announced the Mortal Kombat XL pack, which contains all previously released MKX DLCs as well as the upcoming Kombat Pack 2, which stars highly anticipated characters such as the Xenomorph from Aliens.

The DLC packs were expected to release on all platforms the game was available on. However, on the TestYourMight forum, community manager Tyler Lansdown made a surprising announcement.

“Mortal Kombat XL and Kombat Pack 2 will available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One only.”

Unsurprisingly, the announcement was met with anger and disappointment from users of the PC version of Mortal Kombat X. A similar response was also observed on Steam following the announcement.

Unless Warner Bros. take their word back, it seems there is no Xenomorph for PC gamers.

Warner Bros. has been under fire for a while now, and for the right reasons. Mortal Kombat X on PC has been suffering greatly from stuttering and crashes since launch, and while subsequent patches have improved the matters, the publisher has not bothered releasing any update for the PC version since September 2015.

The firm has already fallen off with PC gamers following the entire Batman Arkham Knight saga on PC. The PC version of Arkham Knight was so poor that it had to be pulled from sale, with refunds offered as Warner worked in fixing the issues.

It seems that Warner didn’t learn from that previous saga, and the abandonment of MKX on PC seems to be the final nail in the coffin. It wouldn’t be a surprise if no one buys the next Warner-made PC game.

Source Eurogamer

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