Hideo Kojima Announces Plans for HideoTube

By   /   Jan 21, 2016
hideo kojima on ps4 exclusive

Now that Hideo Kojima is free from Konami he is having plenty of fun keeping up updated on his adventures in developing new games. This freedom apparently also includes a new video series “HideoTube” which is looking for volunteers to subtitle the videos for English viewers.

The first reveal of HideoTube was revealed in a Tweet by Kojima himself:

Dualshockers have made an attempt to translate the logo:

“We don’t know when it’ll be published or what exactly it will entail, but the Japanese name is actually quite catchy: it spells “ヒデチュー” which reads “HideChuu.” The “Chuu” part is written with the first three Katakana characters for “tube” (which is written “チューブ”), but it’s also the Japanese onomatopoeia for a kiss. Basically, it can be read as “Hideo’s Kiss.”

Ayako Terashima, Hideo Kojima’s assistant also tweeted about HideoTube revealing the desire for volunteers to get in contact to provide English subtitles for the videos:

It will be interesting to see what Kojima decides to reveal in the videos, as no real details have been given. With the fun he seems to be having at the moment looking into future development, whatever he puts out will be very interesting to all of his fans.

Are you enjoying Kojima’s adventures? Let us know your thoughts on his latest news and what the videos may include in the comments section below.

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