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Far Cry Primal to Bring Back Ancient Language for the Game

By   /   Jan 21, 2016

We’ve already seen some story details for Far Cry Primal now we are getting to look at the characters and how they were created. This includes a look at the language adapted for the game to take us back to the Stone Age times.

In the video above we see how the society works in Far Cry Primal and how you are trying to bring back the Wenja tribe who are in danger. To add some authenticity to this tribe, and the others you’ll encounter language specialists were brought in to bring back ancient languages for the game. This is so complex that some parts had to be made up, as there were no words for what the characters have to say.

This will all add up to an authenticity for the game, though some may wonder why the characters just can’t speak English. The fact is, if Far Cry has to go back to Stone Age times, then the languages believed to be used at that time might as well be used too.

The fact that these languages did exist and became the ones we speak today are interesting, and this video is well worth a watch. Especially as it gives hints as to the tensions between the tribes, which are the more advanced and how your tribe’s camp will work. As you progress through the game and secure more members of your tribe you’ll learn new skills that are important to the game.

The more we learn about Far Cry Primal, the more interesting it becomes. What we’ll have to see though is if the Stone Age version of the game can live up to the craziness we’ve seen in previous stories.

Are you looking forward to Far Cry Primal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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