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A Team Is Recreating The Entire GTA V Map in Minecraft, and It’s Amazing!

By   /   Jan 21, 2016

You don’t have to look too hard to find reasons why Minecraft is so popular. What you can do in the brick-builder manages to surprise everyone – even those who have been playing the game for years.

A group of dedicated builders have joined hands to recreate the entire Grand Theft Auto V’s massive world at a 1:1 scale. Los Santos will definitely be blocky as ever in this mega-project, but it’s a commendable feat, and one that just cannot be ignored.

YouTuber N11cK joined up with his fellow Minecrafters to perform the task, and they’ve already released a couple of videos showing off their current progress.

The project is aptly named “GTA in Minecraft” and will be made on around 7,500 by 7,5000 blocks. The team started working on the map in January 2015, meaning they’ve been at it for over a year. N11cK has a video chronicle of the project’s progress, with the latest (number 175) released just yesterday:

The aim is not only just to recreate the city sections in Los Santos, but also the mountains of Blaine County. There’s very little you can say about it other than, “Wow!”

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