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Far Cry Primal Trailer Reveals Story Details for the Game

By   /   Jan 20, 2016

The build up to Far Cry Primal’s release is picking up speed with a new trailer that reveals some of the story line for the game. This gives us an idea of exactly what we’ll be doing when not hunting and making friends with animals.

In the trailer above you can see some of the story elements that will fit in place in the game. Here is the description included on the YouTube video:

“The beautiful land of Oros and the Wenja tribe are in danger.
Unite your tribe and be prepared to face the Udam tribe, flesh-eating warriors led by the ruthless Ull, and the Izila tribe, fire-worshiping slavers led by the high priestess Batari.
As Takkar, tame the wild world of Oros and lead the Wenja to survival.”

So you are Takkar, the last of the hunters of the Wenja tribe trying to survive in the wild world of Oros. Your mission in the game is to take on Ull, who is the head of the Izila tribe, who are slavers looking to take you and your people capture. You’ll have to “tame” the wild world which will include befriending creatures to aid you in your mission and using the skills they give you to taken on your enemies.

Beneath the “Stone Age” feel to the game, there is a Ubi Soft feel to it. This is somewhat pleasing as it gives a more confident explanation as to what the point of Far Cry Primal actually is.

As well as the release of this trailer, we also learnt that a PlayStation 4 bundle is being released which will include a physical copy of the game. Far Cry Primal is releasing on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on February 23 with the PC version coming March 1.

Are you looking forward to Far Cry Primal? Does the new trailer catch your interest? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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