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Cemu 1.3 Wii U Emulator Now Runs Super Mario Maker

By   /   Jan 20, 2016

We’ve been following the development of Cemu for a while and shown videos of it successfully running games like Mario Kart 8. Today a new video has surfaced showing the emulator running Super Mario Maker.

This video is based on version 1.3 of the emulator, and running on an i7 4790 4.0 ghz processor with a Gfx 970 graphics card. To emulate the use of the touch screen a mouse is used, but for gameplay an Xbox 360 gamepad can be used.

While the video shows the game running quite slow, we do have to remember that this emulator is a proof of concept at this point and still early in development. It still runs at an impressive speed though, especially the speed of the touch screen emulation.

Based on the changelog for Cemu 1.3 here are the current changes to the emulator:

  • Added support for GPU7 geometry shaders
  • Improved support for 2D texture arrays and cubemaps
  • Generally improved shader emulation
  • New debug option: Dump textures and shaders

Other changes since we last covered it include these changes too:

  • Added basic audio support
  • Added support for GX2 stencil buffers
  • Improved controller options
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and small improvements

So plenty of progress has been made. We’ll have to keep an eye on the progress to see what other titles the emulator will support. In future development we may also see a change in speed too, as well as an improvement in the graphics. As said though this is an emulator that is early in development so we can’t expect too much for now. It’s obviously still interesting to see how things are progressing though.

Are you impressed with the latest developments in the emulator? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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