Battlefield 4 Enters the PlayStation Plus League

By   /   Jan 20, 2016
Battlefield 4

We’ve reported before on the PlayStation Plus League and its move into France. It’s now from that country that the latest news has come in terms of a game that will now be included this year.

As revealed by Battlefield 4 will be making its way into the tournament line up, though it looks like Battlefield: Hardline will be leaving it. This means that Battlefield 4 will now be part of the tournament line-up in the official competition for PlayStation 4.

“It is with pleasure that you will find it right this weekend for his first one-shot tournament! Battlefield 4 will follow indeed the Battlefield format: Hardline by offering exceptional tournaments outside the regular circuit of PS + League every month. And this with no less than 100 € to win for the best teams in 5v5 Domination Playstation Plus Cup! See you this Saturday at 15h for the big launch.”

After this announcement it will be interesting to see if Battlefield 5 will make it into the Tournament when it is finally released. We’ve seen plenty of rumours that it is in development and if the game is due for release in 2016, obviously we’ll be hearing about it soon, or maybe at E3? Until then we’ll still be speculating when it will finally be announced.

Until then it looks like Battlefield 4 will be the focus of tournaments in the PlayStation Plus League, and it shows the quality of the game when it can still hold up since its 2013 release. We have DICE to thank for that though with the various patches and updates that continue to come to it.

What are your thoughts on Battlefield 4 being included in the PlayStation Plus League? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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