Street Fighter 5 Beta Got a Quick Launch Today!

By   /   Jan 19, 2016
Street Fighter 5

The third Street Fighter 5 beta test ended on December 21 and we were not informed about another scheduled testing phase by the officials. However, it looks like the developers did need some feedback which is why another beta phase has been launched about five hours ago.

Their official SFV Server Twitter account has announced that they are holding a “royal rumble” exclusive to grappling characters only which is going to last for only a few hours.

We’re running a tech check on our servers for the next few hours. A Royal Rumble of grapplers only, for those that are still awake.

Just in case you are wondering, the new Street Fighter beta is being held for PS4 as well as PC versions of the game.

So far capcom has not stated when the testing phase will end but since they said it will last only “for the next few hours” we suggest you hurry up and try it out.

Also, grappling characters means that this beta will probably let you try out F.A.N.G as well.

That being said, the people who have been able to try out the latest phase are already reporting on some issues that they are facing in the beta. For instance, some of the PS4 and PC users are complaining about experiencing lag while other say that the game is freezing.

Some of those who have faced lag also claim that both the players get affected and not one.

In parallel news, the game’s producer, Yoshinori Ono has hinted that they are working on an extensive story mode for Street Fighter 5 although he also clarified that we might not be getting any anime prologues and endings from famous studios.

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