Sony’s PlayStation VR to Cost 450€ to 500€, According to Three Different Listings

By   /   Jan 19, 2016
PlayStation VR cinematic mode

Sony’s PlayStation VR is going to cost 450€ to 500€, according to a couple of listings on Swiss retail websites. We also spotted a third listing that shows a price point of 495€.

Here is a look at all three listings..


PlayStation VR is closing in on release as Sony mentioned it coming in the first quarter. However, still not announcing a price tag for this VR device is a bit strange because such details are finalized way ahead of official release.

Previously, Andrew House stated that we can its price to be as much as a new console and these three listings suggest the same. PS4 originally launched almost for the same price. Sony and PlayStation VR are going to be just fine as long as they keep its price below rival Oculus.

Price is not the only factor here, install base is also a major player. PS4 is currently in the lead when it comes to install base for VR ready systems. There are currently over 35 million VR READY PS4 systems out there, but by the time Oculus is release, Nvidia is expecting only 13 million VR ready PCs out there.

This shows that PlayStation VR currently has 3x more chances of succeeding then Oculus Rift.

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