Nintendo Expects ‘Quadrupled’ Profits Through Smartphone Gaming Industry, Reveals Goals for Next Two Years

By   /   Jan 19, 2016

Despite the mobile industry being well-established for nearly half a decade, Nintendo only made its plans to penetrate the smartphone gaming market public in 2015.

The announcement didn’t lead to anything substantial or tangible, but Nintendo’s executives currently fully believe that entering the mobile gaming industry could quadruple the firm’s profits.

Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima said so himself as a part of Nintendo’s 2016 conference that developed the year’s roadmap. The target for Nintendo over the next couple of years is to raise its profits to 100 billion yen ($847 million approx.) annually.

These numbers obviously seem excessively ambitious; given the continuous losses the company has encountered following the release of its flagship Wii U console.

The firm however does believe the mobile gaming industry is the key to achieving the established profit goals. Many people also believe that Nintendo’s struggling console division would greatly improve with the release of a new console, currently dubbed as ‘Nintendo NX.’

The console is rumored to release this year, though it seems likely Nintendo will only demo its new platform at this year’s E3 and release it afterwards, given it is still very much under the radar.

Nintendo has also stated that it will experiment with different business models and avenues of sale this year. Hopefully, one of those plans contains an exciting Mario Bros. mobile game.

Source MegaGames

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