Here’s A Glitch You Can Use to Switch Character Class In Metal Gear Online PC Version

By   /   Jan 19, 2016
Metal gear online

Metal Gear Online officially launches today, with Konami already having commemorated the launch with an announcement post on Steam.

During last week’s beta test of the game, many players found various glitches and bugs. Like with most multiplayer titles that have glitches, several players have taken advantages of a few of them.

One of these glitches currently available is changing Character class of your already-created character. This process works 100% if you follow the steps carefully. However, if you don’t follow it thoroughly, your game may crash.

Because of that, use this glitch at your own risk.

Here is the procedure to trigger the glitch:

  • Select the character whose class you wish to change in Freeplay
  • Back up your save file, located in “Steam\userdata<steamid>\311340\remote
  • Now, delete everything in that folder except ‘TPP_GAME_DATA’
  • Head into the game, and check the Game Options, it should start as TPP instead of MGO
  • Delete the save from the TPP Menu
  • Now, close the game and put your save back in the TPP Folder.
  • Start the game again, and you should get an EULA Agreement popup.
  • From the menu, select MGO
  • After the MGO Tutorial, pick a class and you’ll see your character’s uniform change colors.
  • If you don’t see your character’s class change, keep playing with the menus and repeat until you get your desired class.
  • After the menu, it’ll show your character as level 1 with the changed class. Simply exit the game and come back to acquire your previous level back.
  • If the character has no name, play the prologue, and skip till you get to the name section. Edit your name, then exit the mission.

If you’ve done everything correctly, you will now have changed your character’s class without having to compromise on the level!

The process will only affect the character you selected in Metal Gear Online. If you have problems, simply restore your backup and try again.

Currently, Konami has not fixed the glitch, so do try to reap the rewards of it if you’re unhappy with your current character’s class. Don’t expect it to stay for too long – the publishers will constantly be looking to update and streamline Metal Gear Online’s experience on the PC.


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