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Destiny Player Wins Trials of Osiris Match All Alone Without Dying Once, Gets Absolutely Nothing in Reward

By   /   Jan 19, 2016

One of the most well-received features added to Destiny during its first year of DLC expansions and content updates was the Trials of Osiris. The Crucible team pits two teams against each other in intense 3v3 combat.

One player however, felt that teammates were overrated, and completed the trial all by himself – without dying a single time.

The said player goes by the name Ramblinnn, and has apparently mastered the mode. He uploaded a video (can be viewed above) depicting his impressive feat of winning a Trials of Osiris match solo.

In addition to just winning, he also managed to rack up an insane 26 kills with his Hunter Shadowshot subclass. What’s even more impressive is that Ramblinnn used a large variety of weapons in doing so, showing off his skill across different equipment and proving he wasn’t simply a one-trick pony.

Despite playing so dominantly, he wasn’t really rewarded very well. While winning the match made him closer to the Mercury’s Lighthouse, it didn’t reward him with any loot. This is merely another indication of Destiny’s struggling and tedious loot system.

Bungie has made several attempts to fix the loot system in the game, but Ramblinnn’s impressive achievement is a clear indication that it is still highly flawed and unfair.

The upside to all this? The player is certainly getting the recognition he deserves. Good job, Ramblinnn!

Source Reddit

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