Batman: Arkham Knight Latest PC Patch Prepares for New DLC

By   /   Jan 19, 2016
Batman: Return To Arkham Collection

The PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight has received a new update today. Although infamously broken on initial release, a number of updates has made it more playable, though this update makes little technical changes to the game.

In the release details revealed on Steam what is most surprisingly missing are any new performance updates:

  • Added support for January DLC content
  • Fixed issues with the benchmark map which could occur after installing the Season of Infamy: Most Wanted Expansion content
  • Resolved an issue on some notebook PC hardware where the screen flickers on launch. Users will require the latest Nvidia drivers and Microsoft Windows drivers installed.
  • Fixed some keyboard and mouse prompts functioning incorrectly after certain keys had been rebound.
  • Fixed an issue on the in-game store where free DLCs were shown to have a value of “.0”
  • Addressed an issue where rebinding keys could cause quickfire gadget attacks to work incorrectly for Batgirl, Red Hood or Harley Quinn
  • Miscellaneous DLC gameplay fixes and stability improvements

While this may at first seem worrying, this may in fact be a good sign. Though some updates that some may have wanted are missing, there has to be a point at which the game has to be “finished” in terms of added functionality. It appears that Batman: Arkham Knight may have reached that point.

This of course doesn’t rule out future changes which may come, but it is nice to see that updates are coming that are handling the new DLC and not previous problems with the game. Hopefully problems like were seen with Arkham Knight can be a things of the past.

Do you think that Batman: Arkham Knight on the PC is finally working? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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