The Division: Free Post-Launch Content Confirmed by Ubisoft

By   /   Jan 18, 2016
The Division weapons

One of the biggest complaint that gamers have with the developers is locking content behind paid downloadable content packs; you get the base game and the things that make it better ask you to spend more on them. However, Tom Clancy’s The Division is going to go nicer.

The Creative Director of Ubisoft Massive Magnus Jansen has confirmed while talking to an audience in Los Angeles that they have planned post-launch free updates, content, features and more although there will also be paid DLCs later on.

An online game isn’t done on release day. We’ve been working on this game for quite a while, and we’re very happy to release it, but our work is not done then. We’re gonna kick [the post-launch] off with a couple of free updates, new content and new features, and down the line we’ll have normal DLC as well.

The only problem right now is that Ubisoft Massive is not willing to disclose the extent of the post-launch free content updates although he does promise full support for the game after it is released saying “we’re not ready to go into detail, but we just wanted to let you know that we know that… you can’t just abandon it when it’s released, we know it takes a lot more than that.

Parallel to this, Ubisoft has also discussed the gameplay elements of Tom Clancy’s The Division and boasted that the game can be played as a solo experience. They have also confirmed that it is not your conventional multiplayer title.

What type of free content do you expect to get?

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