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Minecraft BASIC Programming Language Interpreter Created in the Game

By   /   Jan 18, 2016

Minecraft is a game that has become amazingly popular, but underneath it there is also an impressive world that can do impressive things. We’ve seen not only impressive landscapes created but also feats of computing.

In a new video created by SethBling he reveals how he has managed to create a BASIC programming language compiler in Minecraft. It may not run the code fast, but the fact it actually works is very impressive.

To get into the details of how this was actually done, watch the video as SethBling makes much more sense of all of the details than I ever could. The fact that a computer can be created within Minecraft to actually do the compiling and running of the programs written is very impressive. The question is where could it go from here?

In truth, probably not much further at all. In a way this is a fun example of a proof of concept where SethBling has managed to make Minecraft do what he wants, and something that the geekier fans of gaming will no doubt love. Could the compiling and execution of the code be sped up? Somehow from the creators comments, this appears to be no, but who knows?

There are other languages that could be used, that are at a much lower level but the fact that they are more complicated would probably make it not a worthy project to work on. We’ll probably have to make do with the fact that yes, Minecraft can have a computer built in it that can interpret and compile code and run it. That in itself will always be an impressive feat to anybody with an interest in coding.

Are you impressed by this BASIC programming language compiler? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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