Final Fantasy XV Expected to Sell Over a Million Units in Japan

By   /   Jan 18, 2016
Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV must sell

It looks like Japan are in for an interesting year for console games in 2016, even with focus appearing to be more on smartphone games. Final Fantasy XV looks like it will be a big seller, along with Dragon Quest XI.

This is the prediction of the February issue of Nikkei Tredy which took a look at the Japanese games market and what to expect from it in 2016. While smartphones will be pushing consoles out of the limelight there is some tough competition to come.

The article states that Final Fantasy XV will sell big with more than a million units expected to be sold in local markets. This same prediction is made for Dragon Quest XI which is also seen as a big release in Japan. Based on this it is predicted that console sales will be pushed by these two releases.

Another interesting revelation in the article is that the combat style of Final Fantasy XV won’t be conventional in style and may split fan opinion on the game. There is more of a focus on action rather than focusing on the RPG elements that have always been popular. It will be interesting to see what these changes are and how the fans react to them.

If the changes are big fans are likely to not be happy, especially with a franchise like Final Fantasy. As we’ve seen time and time again, one thing that gamers don’t like is their favourite games showing too much change, unless it brings a big enough improvement to the experience.

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