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The Division Open World and How It Works

By   /   Jan 18, 2016

Last Friday we saw lots of details about The Division become available. Finally seeing some details about it and listening to what was being said made it a game that looked a lot more interesting, and that includes for solo-players.

In this new video from Arekkz Gaming we get to some detail about the Open World of the game. This includes the size of the map that has been revealed so far, what we can expect from safe houses and how we are given missions within the game.

What is noticeable from this, and other footage that has been released is the realistic look of the city. When we see gunfights this makes things feel a little weird. As is usual with games of this type each enemy has a certain amount of hit-points before they finally die. Given that the realistic setting is in contrast with the game style there does feel to be an imbalance in combat, especially with headshots.

Getting away from details like that though, what we see of the Open World is interesting, especially the way character experience works. While The Division may not be a “conventional multiplayer game” it has strong RPG elements to it. This includes having the appropriate level to get the most desired weaponry for use in the dark zone.

While we are still in this phase where the game is in testing and the full world has not been revealed there is still a lot of speculation as to what we can expect. From what we can see though, The Division is looking a lot more interesting than what we saw at E3 over the last few years.

Are you looking forward to The Division finally being available in March? Let us know your thoughts below.

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