Bravely Second: End Layer Pre-Orders to Get Free Poster

By   /   Jan 18, 2016
bravely second

If you pre-order Bravely Second: End Layer from Game it looks like you will be given an exclusive poster for the game. The catch with this is where the news is being reported from. have posted the news, and shown an image which you can see below which seems to advertise the free poster for the game. As this is a Spanish games news site then we can assume that this will be an offer for Spanish customers. We’ll have to see if Game offer the same deal in other countries.


In the news items they also say that the poster is an exclusive piece, A3 in size and features the character Edea Lee. The game is due for release February 26 and will be a Nintendo 3DS exclusive game, as the previous game also was.

Bravely Second: End Layer takes place two years after the original game and new dangerous encounters are promised. Agnes Oblige has been kidnapped and as you, Yew are a knight in her service you are tasked with saving her.

The game will feature a Brave and Default system with which to use in battle. It is also said to offer an innovative twist on turn-based combat. Using flexible strategies in battle you’ll be able to combine abilities to gain an edge.

We’ll have to keep an eye on what other offers are available for Bravely: Second: End Layer up to its release. It will be interesting to in what territories Game will be offering the poster deal too.

Are you looking forward to playing Bravely Second: End Layer? Let us know your thoughts below.

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