The Division Won’t Be a Conventional Multiplayer Game

By   /   Jan 15, 2016
The Division Player Base

Now that we are leaning more about The Division we are also finding out how players will interact with each other. More importantly we are finding out about “The Dark Zone” where all the interesting parts of the game take place.

Creative Director for The Division Magnus Jensen has been discussing the game with GameCrate and discussed the nature of The Dark Zone. He also discussed about what happens when you go “Rogue”:

“Well, when you shoot someone in the “Dark Zone,” you’re what we call “Going Rogue.” And you can’t go out when you’re “Rogue.” You have to wait for it to wear off.

The thing is, if you survive, you get the loot from the people you killed, and some XP. But there’s levels to being “Rogue,” and if you’re bad enough, and kill a lot of people, you’ll not only get more XP for surviving, but eventually you’ll have a bounty on your head, and everyone nearby will know about it.”

What this means is that there is no set match such as “Team Deathmatch”, it is much more of a fluid experience that works with the game’s story:

“That stuff is great fun, I love playing them. But when we realized what we could do with our technology, with our game, and with our story, the “Dark Zone” and going “Rogue” just made more sense. Especially when you get into the story; I don’t want to spoil anything, but there is something in the story that really works with our approach to multiplayer.”

Another thing revealed is the fact that there is no “easy mode” and that the game will be hard from the start:

“I think there is an “Easy” setting in a way. I’ll explain. In some open world games, the content scales with the character. But it doesn’t in our game. When you get to an area, it has a set difficulty no matter when you go there. So if you find that an area is too difficult, you can just go do other things until you get stronger. On the flipside, if you don’t do any of the side missions, you’ll find the main missions are way harder.

Also, since we’re an online game, we didn’t want to split the community too much. We’re fine with having it split it two, but three or four would’ve been too much.”

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