Omikron: The Nomad Soul Available For Free

By   /   Jan 15, 2016

It is fair to say that 2016 has had a bad start in terms of losing inspirational and talented people, one of them being David Bowie. In a celebration of the influence Bowie had on video games, you can now get Omikron: The Nomad Soul for free until January 22, until stocks last.

Square Enix are making the game free through their store, and at the time of writing the codes are still available. Though PCGamesN are reporting a few issues for US buyers where it appears the game still has a price. To get it for free just use the promo code ‘omikron’.

The announcement that the game would be free was revealed by Square Enix’s Phil Elliot:

For those who played the game on its release you’ll no doubt remember the strange game that featured not only an appearance by Bowie himself, but a fairly unique way of surviving death. If you did die, your soul simply moved into another person. Created by Quantic Dream (who we know from games such as Beyond: Two Souls) it is fair to say it is a game remembered as good based on nostalgia, not really its quality.

Even with this being the case, Omikron: The Nomad Soul is still a game that shows the influence that David Bowie had on the world. Not only through his music, his work in movies and his artistic influence but even in the world of gaming.

Will you be picking up Omikron while it is available for free? Let us know your thoughts on the game in the comments section below.

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