The Division Can Be Played as a Solo Player Experience

By   /   Jan 15, 2016
The Division servers are down

The secrets of The Division are making their way out into the world and things are sounding interesting. Now that certain embargoes are being lifted we are finally hearing people’s thoughts on the game.

One thing that some people may want to know about is if the game can be played as a single player experience. In an interview with Venturebeat associate creative director for the game, Julian Gerighty has revealed that it can be played as a lone player, but it will be a different experience than having the support of a team.

“It’s very different. I’m more of a single-player kind of guy, too, so the [role-playing game] systems, the storytelling, the flow, the structure of the game has to make sense,” said Gerighty. “But what I found is that when I’m playing with other people, what we can do is specialize [our skills] much more. … Whereas if you’re playing by yourself, you’re going to have to switch up those roles. They’re both great experiences. They’re just very different.”

As well as discussing the solo-play elements he also discussed the importance of the story to the experience:

“One of the big challenges we had in development was to create a compelling story that could be told in a completely non-linear open world. So one of the choices we made there was every mission you do gives you a piece of the narrative puzzle,” said Gerighty. “Doing all of those missions — putting those puzzle pieces together — you get a payload at the end that will tell you the whole story in that thread.

“It could be about the virus. It could be about repelling the factions from New York. It could be about getting basic infrastructure back online: power, water, those types of things.”

It is fair to say the more that is being revealed about The Division, the more interesting it gets. Now to finally get the release and to get our hands on the game.

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