Square Enix Shows Its Complex Tools Used to Create Final Fantasy XV

By   /   Jan 14, 2016
Final Fantasy XV Logo

There are plenty of emotions associated with Final Fantasy XV: anticipation, anxiety, frustration (with the delays and seemingly eternal development time).

Emotions however don’t really make a game, which is why Square Enix wants to distract you with the real stuff that is being used to create the JRPG title.

The title still doesn’t have a release date (though one is expected to be revealed in March), so there’s no reason for Square Enix not to show some other cool new things in the mean-time to make the already-difficult wait even tougher.

The game’s developers used quite a few advanced tools to create the game. The devs were generous enough to share some glimpses of them on Twitter.

It’s not easy to make out what the heck is happening (especially for those who have little-to-no idea about computer programming), but it certainly seems advanced stuff (given the ridiculous amount of displays).

The first image shows the developer working on camera control and events, and it’s considered as a ‘standard type’ of desk in a Square Enix studio. Eek.


The second image showcases the tools used be devs to create events, battle skills, and also for vehicle development.


I don’t know about you guys, but I suddenly no longer envy game developers.

Perhaps this was an attempt from Square Enix to gain some sympathy and forgive the excessively prolonged release of the title? Nice try Square, your plan almost worked on me… almost.

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