Bill Gates “Fix Your Shit or PlayStation Here We Come”: Snoop Dogg

By   /   Jan 14, 2016
Xbox Live services

Well, it looks like Snoop Dogg has had enough of Microsoft’s Xbox Live problems and is threatening to move to PlayStation if they don’t fix their sh**.

The popular rapper shared a message to Xbox and Bill Gates asking them to fix Xbox Live. As you may know, Xbox Live was down earlier for a few hours. The service is now back online but Snoop has had it.

Message to xbox1 n ea server fix your shit or playstation here we come 👿👿✨🌟🏈

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Wouldn’t it be great if Snoop Dogg wrote a song about server issues?

I guess what Snoop Dogg doesn’t know is that PSN is down more than often so if he moves to PlayStation, we can expect another message from him but this time for PlayStation and Kaz Harai.

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