Elite Dangerous Has Sold 1.4 Million Units Over PC, Mac and Xbox One.

By   /   Jan 14, 2016
Elite Dangerous Update

Elite Dangerous is a big game and has steadily been growing not only in-game but also in the number of people buying it. Moving to Xbox One it has continued to grow, with Frontier today revealing just how many unites have been sold.

Frontier have revealed that they have sold 1.4 million units of Elite Dangerous. This includes sales over PC, Mac and Xbox One and include sales up to the end of December 2015.

Having released on PC in December 2014 after being crowdfunded and having help from loyal Elite fans, it then moved to the Xbox One and Mac in 2015. With continued game updates it has also managed to keep fans invested in the universe which has impressed with its size. It is a game that also looks to the future with its support for Virtual Reality headsets like the Oculus Rift.

On the success of Elite Dangerous, Frontier CEO David Braden had this to say:

“We have an amazing player community. The average play time among our 1.4 million players is 60 hours – that’s a massive 84 million player hours and counting.

With the community’s feedback, we’re constantly making Elite Dangerous better than ever. We have incredible long-term ambition and we will continue to deliver on those ambitions. We will detail more exciting developments for Horizons very soon.”

With Xbox One having console exclusivity at the moment, a release on PlayStation 4 has not been ruled out in the future. It will be interesting to see how it competes with No Man’s Sky, even though they are different styles of games they still do have some comparisons, especially the size of the universe within the two games.

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