Attack on Titan PS4 New Screenshots Show Special Titans

By   /   Jan 14, 2016
Attack On Titan North American Release

It was revealed back in November that Attack On Titan is going to be released to PlayStation platform in February this year. Now that we are less than a month from that, these new screenshots might help you get yourself in the mood for killing some titans.

The screenshots in question have come from a new issue of known Japanese magazine Famitsu where the game was covered alongside some comments from Omega Force, the studio that is developing the game.

Since the images were on a physical copy of the magazine, they had to be scanned and copied in order for us to be able to display them here. While doing so, the quality of the images has been reduced so don’t judge the graphics based on these.

Apart from that, the images give a pretty detailed look on some of the special Titans that are going to be featured in Attack on Titan. Some of the other image do focus on the playable characters, but it is those special Titans you should be looking for in the gallery below.

Talking of, the images also show off Beast Titan and there are some things in Attack On Titan that everyone should expect to go hand in hand with that i.e.the Thunder Spear gear, the Military Police Brigade fight and maybe even Kenny and his people.

Not content with just images? We have still got you covered; here’s a good long gameplay footage of the game showing off how you can maneuver the Titans and take them down. It features the iconic limb destruction too.e

For those of you who do not know, Attack on Titan is being developed for PS4, PS3 as well as PlayStation Vita. So far Omega Force or Koei Tecmo have not confirmed the game’s exact release date but they have assured us that it will be released next month i.e. February.

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