World of Tanks Coming To PS4 on January 19, PS Plus Exclusive Content Revealed

By   /   Jan 13, 2016
World of Tanks

Following its Open Beta last weekend on the PS4, World of Tanks is now confirmed to release on January 19 for Sony’s flagship console.

Wargaming made the announcement today that the free-to-play title will make its way to the PS4 just under a week from now, and will have enhanced visuals that will utilize the ‘full power’ of the system.

There will also be platform specific features, a Platinum Trophy, PlayStation Vita Remote Play compatibility, PS Plus content, and limited-time exclusive content for logging into the game.

World of Tanks doesn’t exactly need a PS Plus membership to be played only, but those who have one will be able to get access to the exclusive German PZ.Kpfw. II Ausf. J-PS, which has a unique darkened camouflage with a stylish pinup girl livery.

This exclusive PS Plus content will be available on the day of release, and can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store. It also comes with an extra three days of Premium.

In addition to all this, Wargaming also confirmed that PS Plus members would be treated to additional goodness in the future, getting period access to special offers and sales.

Wargaming also advises players to log in to their Garage before the end of the moth to to receive the US T1E6-PS. The tank is a limited offer, and will no longer be available after January 31.

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