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Unravel Your Skills and Make Your Own Yarny Today

While the start of the year may feature a lot of shooting and fighting games, there is one title coming in February that is much more peaceful. Unravel is catching the eye of a lot of gamers looking for something different, and now you have the chance to make your own little Yarny.

In a new video released by the makers of the game, they show you how to make your own version of the main character for the game. For a more detailed look at what is needed to make it, they also provide details on the official site.

Unravel was a surprise hit on its E3 reveal and has managed to keep interest high up to the impending release. Offering something different the game promises a lot, and can hopefully deliver. When EA Access and Origin Access give open the free trial hopefully the two level teaser will give us a good taste of the game.

Yarny has proven to be a popular character, even though the game has not yet been released, and with the developers hoping to see people make their own versions of the character and post pictures of it from around the world we’ll be seeing a lot more of the yarn creature from all around the world.

If you decide to make one and share it, be sure to send your picture to @Unravel_Game they also want to know the location of where it was taken. It’ll be interesting to see just where the character visits around the world leading up to the release of the game.

Will you be making your own Yarny? Let us know your thoughts on Unravel and Yarny in the comments section below.