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Unravel on EA Access Will Only Have Two Playable Levels

Unravel was a very interesting platformer-styled 3D game that was shown off during the EA conference at the E3 last year.

The game is going to be available on EA Access, but the firm has announced that only the first two levels of the game will be playable when the title is available next month on EA’s special offer.

The early access trial will be available on Xbox One and PC. Thankfully, despite having only two levels in the early access, the game will be playable for a total of 10 hours, meaning the EA Access subscribers will be able to replay the game’s opening multiple number of times within the set time limit.

Subscribers to the early access will however be able to continue their progress from the second level onwards once they get the actual game after its official release.

It makes overall sense for EA to restrict the EA/Origin Access to just 2 levels, but there is weighted criticism associated with the move, considering EA Access is a paid subscription. Basically, players are having to pay to play a demo of the game.

The trial for Unravel is due to launch on February 4. The full game will be launched on February 9.