New Heroes of the Storm Patch Released, Here’s What’s New

By   /   Jan 13, 2016
Heroes of the Storm

New Heroes of the Storm patch is released by Blizzard and it is a significant one. The new update marks the end of Winter Veil and Cho’gall Buddy Brawl events, and adds a new Hero to the game. We also have several new cosmetic items.

The new hero in question is Greymane, Lord of the Worgen. The hero is added and available to users as of now. So what does is bring to Heroes of the Storm? Greymane has two forms, human and Worgen. He can use an ability called “Curse of the Worgen” to switch between the two.

“While in Human form, your Basic Attacks are ranged. While in Worgen form, your Basic Attacks are melee, but deal 40% more damage.”

His basic abilities include..

  • Gilnean Cocktail (Q): Hurl a flask that damages the first enemy hit, and explodes to deal heavy damage to enemies behind the first in a cone.
  • Worgen: Razor Swipe (Q): Swipe toward a direction, damaging enemies in front of you.
  • Inner Beast (W): Gain 50% Attack Speed for 3 seconds. Basic Attacks refresh this duration
  • Darkflight (E): Shapeshift into a Worgen, and leap at and damage an enemy
  • Worgen: Disengage (E): Shapeshift into a Human, and roll away in the specified direction

Heroic abilities

  • Go for the Throat (R): Shapeshift into a Worgen and leap at an enemy Hero, slashing the target 3 times and dealing heavy damage. If this kills the target, Go for the Throat can be used a second time within 10 seconds for free.
  • Marked for the Kill (R): Shapeshift into a Human and fire a shot that makes the first enemy Hero it strikes Vulnerable for 5 seconds. Reactivate to shapeshift into a Worgen and leap at the Hero.

The only bug fix we have is Leoric unable to walk through enemy Gates while in Undying form. For the shop, Blizzard is adding new skins, bundles and much more.

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