Metal Gear Online PC Beta Temporarily Shut Down Due to Possible Exploit

By   /   Jan 13, 2016
Metal Gear Online

The Metal Gear Online PC Beta went live only yesterday, but not has been taken offline temporarily due to certain security reasons.

The announcement was made as a pinned post in the game’s forum on Steam. According to Kotaku, the beta has been taken down temporarily because a certain player managed to bypass the micro-transactions in the game.

The exploit allowed the player to get free MB coins, which is basically the in-game currency, and is usually acquired by spending real money.

Community Manager Robert Peeler has confirmed that once the issue has been addressed, access to the Beta will be provided once again. Currently, a hotfix for the issue is in the works, as reported by Polygon.

Metal Gear Online beta launched on the PC just yesterday, and it seems the players immediately sniffed this big gap in the game’s coding that allowed them to acquire MB coins for free.

We’ll let you know when the beta’s back online. Till then, sit tight and make yourself busy with some other titles.

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