Hitman PS4 Preorders Being Cancelled, Devs Say It’s Important ‘Adjustments’

By   /   Jan 13, 2016
Hitman #2

Some weird stuff has been happening with the new and upcoming Hitman game. Just yesterday, the game was no longer available for pre-order on PS Store, primarily in the European region.

Now, several users who have preordered the game are seeing their advanced purchases being cancelled. The team behind the game have recognized this issue, and it seems to be a deliberate counter-measure to some kind of technical issue.

The official Hitman twitter account posted a tweet stating that this is a result of them ‘adjusting a few things.’ The preordering is expected to be updated and brought back to normal function in a few days.

In addition to this tweet, a notice has also been sent to people through PlayStation that elaborates to these ‘adjustments,’ stating that ‘the configuration of the product you have pre-ordered has changed significantly.’

The tweet also confirmed the release date of the game, which is March 11.

The game is going to experiment with an unusual segmented release and pricing structure. The initial launch will include three maps, with three additional maps planned to be released later on.

Players who purchase the $60 USD version of the game will get access to eventually everything, but there are ‘intro packs’ available that would only contain the vanilla maps.

This release structure has been met with quite a bit of public resistance, especially since the idea of ‘season passes’ doesn’t really sit well with the average gamer. Perhaps these suddenly disappearing preorders have something to do with changing that entire scheme together.

We’ll know for sure in a few days.

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