Here’s How You Can Recreate One Punch Man in Fallout 4

By   /   Jan 13, 2016

There are very few set of folks that I admire more than modders, and those who have played Bethesda games would agree with that sentiment.

Unsurprisingly, ever since its release, Fallout 4 has been subjected to tons of modding, with the mods community tirelessly working to bring new and fun additions to prolong the RPG’s life.

With the rise of the uber-popular manga-based anime series One Punch Man, it was always going to be an inevitability that someone in the Fallout 4 community would create a mod to reenact everyone’s currently favorite superhero, Saitama.

The bald, apathetic, satirically powerful protagonist of the anime series can be recreated in Fallout 4 with a set of mods that can do what he does: kill everything and anything with a single punch.

You’ll need the BOS Uniforms mod to get his fashionable, yellow-colored suit with the white cape. The Home Run Guns mod will allow you to launch enemies far away with your punches, and this save file contains a ridiculously overpowered melee character who looks and feels like Saitama.

EzPlays combined all these mods to make a video of the One Punch Man in action. True to the anime, this Wasteland Saitama can kill things with a single punch, and has the ability to absorb an abnormally large amount of damage.

I don’t know about you guys, but now I can finally get the satisfaction I need by punching Marcy in the face and sending her flying.

Via Twinfinite

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