Everyone Wants Battlefield 5 to Revisit WWII, not Modern Warfare

By   /   Jan 13, 2016
Battlefield 5

A couple of days ago rumors sprung up about an alleged partnership between Microsoft and EA that would give the timed exclusivity rights of the franchise to the former, starting with something called Battlefield 5 Armageddon. However, it looks like that might collide with what the people want from Battlefield 2016 – or whatever the official name will be.

YouTuber Jackfrags recently held a poll among the series fans on which about 53000 people voted to choose from five different options of settings that they would want the next game in the series to follow.

While that is a very small number as compared to the people who like to play Battlefield, it is a good enough sample size to gauge the general inclination of the audience.

Anyhow, the results of the poll show that a clear majority of the fans want Battlefield 5 to revisit the WWII era; about 28400 people voted for that.

This was by far the most popular choice among the people who polled because Modern Warfare came at the second spot with only a little over 8100 votes! That one was a shocker for sure. However, approximately the same number of people want a 2143 based sci-fi title (approximately 7000 votes) while about 6400 people want a game set in the near future.

Nobody wants a WWI based game (only 3200 votes) but that was expected.

In case you think there is still time, let us tell you that it was confirmed in mid-December that a team of developers has been working on Battlefield 5 for a good long time now.

Do you think DICE will agree to this poll? Don’t you think that since are already pushing for a more futuristic approach to the game, a WWII based setting might not actually be what they want right now?

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